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David Sparkman

President, MeltLab Systems & Foundry Information Systems
1045 Valley Mill Road
Winchester, VA 22602 USA
linkedin David A Sparkman
tel 844-MeltLab ext. 710
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Speaker Engagements

Mr. Sparkman is available for speaking engagements with AFS chapters on the topics of "Process Control Data Mining", and "Practical Thermal Analysis for foundries". Please call or write for scheduling.


Managed Startups - Ground up Design - Inventive - Scientific Knowledge - Signal Processing - Customer Care. Founded and ran two software houses for the foundry industry. Unique combination of engineer, scientist, manager, programmer (500k lines of active code), mathematician, and statistician. Experienced in metallurgy, quality control and quality assurance. Invented MeltLab(TM) thermal analysis system. Created GSPC, an integrated manufacturing graphic statistical process control system. Developed unique signal processing and smoothing methods to translate thermal analysis data into micro-structure information. Took user needs and translated into major applications. Published and lectured to foundry industry throughout the world. Speaks fluent German.


University of Oklahoma - Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering.
Michigan State University, East Lansing - Computer Science 12 hours completed before moving to Indiana
Bowling Green University, OH - MBA 12 hours completed before starting Foundry Information Systems


  • "Microstructure Analysis through Thermal Analysis", D.A. Sparkman, MeltLab Systems, accepted for publication in AFS Transactions 2011.
  • "Experience Producing Compacted Graphite Cast Iron by Sulfur Additions after Magnesium Treatment", M. Chiasamera, D. Sparkman, D. Kelly, M. Barstow et.al. AFS Transactions, 2002, article 02-007
  • "Breakthrough in Aluminum Alloy thermal Analysis Technology for Process Control", David Sparkman, Avery Kerney, AFS Transactions, 2002, article 94-013, pg 455
  • "Offsetting Macro-Shrinkage in Ductile Iron, What Thermal Analysis Shows", David Sparkman, AFS Transactions, 2002, article 02-008
  • Offsetting Macro-Shrinkage in Ductile Iron, What Thermal Analysis Shows, David Sparkman, May 30, 2001, last revision November 7, 2001
  • "Inoculation Evaluation", David Sparkman, Charles Bhaskaran a chapter in the "Inoculation Principles of Gray and Ductile Iron", a course taught Oct 17-18, 1995, AFS Technical Center, Des Plaines, IL. Vol 1.1.
  • "Using Thermal Analysis Practically in Iron Casting", David Sparkman, Foundry Information Systems, New Castle, IN, Modern Castings, November 1994.

Work Experience

MeltLab Systems LLC, Winchester, VA (2005-2009)
Small software house targeting the foundry industry, three employees, 250k in sales per year. Providing MeltLab, GSPC packages and support for installed base. Distributors in Minnesota; Wisconsin; Alabama; Monterrey, Mexico; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Melbourne, Australia.
President and Owner. Took application through 3 generations of development. Successfully competed with company 100 times larger (Heraeus ElectroNite) and garnered 50% of the market share. Supervised marketing and sales. Responsible for improving software and customer support, product research, and promoting through trade shows and writing technical papers.

Foundry Information Systems Inc. New Castle IN (1982-2005)
Small software house targeting the foundry industry, seven employees, 400k in sales per year. Provided customized process control software to collect and report process control data from equipment, instruments, technicians and operators.
President and Owner. Developed a data collection system for foundries to collect quality information from PLCs, Instruments, and technicians. Supervised three programmers, office manager, technical writer, and two sales people. Managed Distributors from Germany, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, and Mexico as well as local US distributors. Many were through our marketing agreement with Leeds and Northrop Metallurgical Division. With industry moving to China, Mexico, and India, folded company into MeltLab Systems in 2005 and moved it to Virginia.

Dana Material Supply Division New Castle IN
Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Foundry producing automotive castings for Spicer, Ford and Chrysler, 240 employees in a three shift operation. Annual sales of 18 million. Considered a "medium sized" foundry.
Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Plant Metallurgist. Responsible for Spectrometer Lab, Physical Testing Lab, Sand Lab, X-Ray Lab, and Layout department (dimensional testing). Investigated customer Handled complaints and visited their plants. Approved all gating changes. Supervised a unionized department of 24 employees and 2 foremen. Reported to Plant Manager, and divisional Technical Director. Served on the AFS committee for Quality Control including one year as chairman. Ran purchasing for a short time while the company looked for a new PA.